Weekly Devotional

"Be transformed by the renewal of your mind"

Overcoming Doubt

2016-08-28 by Sandor Kotzeff

When John, who was in prison, heard about the deeds of the Messiah, he sent his disciples to ask him, “Are you the one who is to come, or should we expect someone else?” Matthew 11:2**

  The issue of doubt can be a common one in the heart of a Christian. Our Christian hearts may be stumbled by doubts regarding God's presence in our lives. Perhaps your conscience has harrassed you concerning God's unconditional love for you, or from the presence of sin you have doubted your worthiness of being in God's family. Non believing people will deny the validity of the Bible, the motivations behind your actions and even the existence of your creator entirely. It's lies like these that may ferment feelings of doubt within the Christian heart.

     You are not alone if you have suffered in this way. Even the most guarded Christian hearts can be crippled by feelings of doubt. John the Baptist found himself imprisoned for his commitment to righteousness by rebuking King Herod for marrying his brother's wife. John expected Jesus to conduct himself in a similar way, rebuking sinners and Judging them harshly. Instead, Jesus spent intimate time with sinners, which confused John and gave rise to feelings of doubt because of his unmet expectations. After being made aware of John's disposition, Jesus' response was to perform a variety of miracles with John's disciples as eyewitnesses, so that they could demonstrate his divinity and thus confirm his identity to John.

     Doubting God can only serve as a step towards confirming him. Your doubts will not exempt you from God's promises, nor will they disqualify you from still being able to do his work. Whatever feelings of doubt you have towards the nature of Christianity, humbly address them in prayer, and allow God to refute your suspicions. Your doubts can give rise to new ambitions to pursue God, and put your mind at rest in such things. Inject yourself fully into Kingdom work. Immerse your life into his ministry and surround yourself with other Christian minds that will display an example of God's power for you. When your doubts are put to death, you will find yourself a stronger disciple. With greater knowledge, greater zeal and greater faith.

     "God, put to death the doubts in my heart. Reveal the answer to the question(s) that troubles me. Surround me with your spirit Lord, both within me, and within those I fellowship with. I pray that you will reveal to me through your mission the answer(s) to what troubles me, and strengthen my faith in you once it is revealed. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask it, Amen.