Weekly Devotional

"Be transformed by the renewal of your mind"

Jesus versus Religion

2016-06-15 by Sandor Kotzeff

Then John’s disciples came and asked him, “How is it that we and the Pharisees fast often, but your disciples do not fast?”

Matthew 9:14

The Pharisees saw no need of Christ. With their relationship with God resting firmly on the crutch of religious practice, Jesus’ declaration of true faith requiring a changed heart and a personal relationship with God was a distasteful and unnecessary challenge.
     We as Christians understand that God does not desire merely an outward, visible commitment to him, but rather a genuine longing to be with him. It is possible that during our walk with Christ our prayers or our Bible study can become a routine activity, this is the first warning sign that you may be thinking of Jesus as a religious figure rather than a loving God.
God wants more from our lives than a daily commitment based on obligation. God wants our hearts and an insatiable longing for his company. Also, to study the scriptures or speak to God based on an outward motivation to appear Christian does nothing to please him.
     But our walk with Jesus has no need for routine! There are no two days of our lives that go exactly the same, so no two interactions with God need ever look the same either! Invite Jesus to accompany you through all the experiences of your life and speak to him with personal and loving openness through your prayers. There is no need for religion with a God like ours!

Prayer:* “Father God, thank you for your love. Please open my heart to your Holy Spirit, let it grow in me, and let never my worship of you become religious. Soften my heart so your Spirit may enter into it freely. In Jesus name, Amen.”