Weekly Devotional

"Be transformed by the renewal of your mind"

Relentless Dedication

2017-07-09 by Sandor Kotzeff

"I will say, ‘Salvation comes from the Lord.’” (v.9)

Jonah 21-10:

     As Christians, we believe in a faithful and forgiving God.  Jonah was allowed to bring himself very low, both physically and spiritually  before God chose to deliver him from the dire circumstance he found himself in. To Jonah, being swallowed by a fish likely felt more like an added punishment before dying rather than a blessing of mercy from the Lord. But after 3 days and nights, Jonah recognised that his captivity within the sea creature was in fact God's way of saving his life and finally, he praised God for his mercy, acknowledging God's sovereignty over his life and what is to be done with it.

     God will never send troubles your way without express purpose for doing so. The worst thing God could have done to Jonah would have been to leave him to his own devices and write him off for lost to live out his days in Tarshish. When we experience a correction from God we have a choice to make. We can remain in a state of defiance and fight by our own strength to maintain our chosen course, or we can acknowledge that our precarious situation, whatever it may be is in fact a loving discipline, designed to turn us away from our sin and toward God for guidance and trust.

     Lord, I realize that I have fallen short of your expectations many times. It pains me to know that even with a knowledge of your glory and what you have done to save me that I still am caught up with selfish intentions. I pray, God that my faith be increased. Give me eyes to see you everywhere I go, ears to hear you in everything I do and a heart to put into action all the things you have planned for my life. Thank you Lord for keeping hold of me and communicating your will in a way that my human mind can understand. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.