Weekly Devotional

"Be transformed by the renewal of your mind"

Relentless Pursuit

2017-06-25 by Sandor Kotzeff

“How can you sleep? Get up and call on your god! Maybe he will take notice of us so that we will not perish.” (v.6)

Jonah 1: 4-10

     The moment after a man or woman comes to faith in Christ Jesus, they are on display to the world.

     As Jonah lay unconcious beneath the deck of the ship, he was blissfully ignorant that his means of conveyance away from God was being thwarted by a terrible weather event. He was surrounded by desperate men, of whom non knew YHWH, the almighty who could save them from death at sea. The sailors cried out desperately to any god willing to help them, and sadly the one individual who knew the true God was incapacitated. Asleep and protesting his Holy commision.

     The whole world is urging Christ's church to wake up just like the captain urged Jonah. As people of The Way, we all can relate to Jonah's sleeping when we fail to submit to God's instruction to us. At this moment the entire world is being eroded by a raging storm. Violence, famine and neglect by the highest authorities in government have people panicking and searching for aid in their afflictions. All the while, Christ's church resides below the visible surface of society, asleep in disinterest of her responsibility of being salt and light to the earth.

     God is aware of our tendency to stray and resist his will. Even those who are saved by grace are vulnerable to disobedience. Oh how good it is that our God would not let us flee to Tarshish or some other far off place. That he should be good enough to hinder our conveyances from him and apprehend us in a pursuit of love. Imagine the good that will be done by him when we rise from the sleeping quarters of our hearts and pray to him to calm the storms in our world. Our loved ones, peers and planet Earth as a whole all wait for God to save them. They call in desperation to us to wake up and tell them about God, who saves.

     Father, like Jonah I also am guilty of sleeping. I have incompletely submitted to your commands and fallen short of reflecting your greatness to the world. Thank you for pursuing me through my disobedience and being present in every corner of time and space. There is no place on earth or in my heart where you cannot find me and bring me back. Great is your love and your faithfulness. I pray that your will be done on earth and know well that you will save the world from its turmoil. Let your Holy Spirit be strong inside me so that I might aid in the restoration of your Kingdom. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.