Weekly Devotional

"Be transformed by the renewal of your mind"

Relentless Love

2017-06-18 by Sandor Kotzeff

"And should I not have concern for the great city of Nineveh...?"

Jonah 4:11

     It was not that Jonah thought Nineveh would not repent when faced with the threat of judgement, but the thought of the wretched Assyrian people recieving God's mercy rather than His wrath was so distasteful that he would rather flee to a far off place than aid in the restoration of his enemies.

     We would all benefit a great deal by answering the questions that God is asking in scripture.  Why should any person or group of man be denied a portion of His grace? On what grounds do we have authority to withold the Gospel from them? Jonah is not a book of answers, but a book of questions. Who do we make assumptions about and deny access to truth? What groups or individuals do we assume for lost and thus withold Christ from?

     Jesus urges us to pray for our enemies. As  disciples of Christ we must strive to prevent our human prejudice from hindering the expanse of His mercy to the world. Pay close attention to the questions God puts to us and remember that he knows your heart. Human flesh is weak to pety things like racism and other blind discriminations. But the Holy Spirit of Christ within us can fight back and defeat those predispositions. The population of India, the mosque on your street, or the punk rocker next to you on the bus. Nobody is outside the Gospel.

     Lord Jesus, I cherish your saving grace. Your gift of salvation to mankind is such a great one that my life would be pointless without it. I pray that by the power of your spirit you enable me with the bravery and softness of heart to share your message of redemption with everybody I come in contact with. And to the people I meet, I pray that you give them ears to hear your truth just like you did the people of Nineveh. Amen.