Weekly Devotional

"Be transformed by the renewal of your mind"

The Good Seed

2016-11-13 by Sandor Kotzeff

But he said, "No, lest in gathering the weeds you root up the wheat along with them."

Matthew 13:29

Darnel weed was a constant problem for wheat farmers throughout history. It grows at the same rate as wheat and looks just like wheat until reaching its full maturity when it flowers a malicious looking purple grain. Ingestion of this plant can cause nausea and can even be fatal if too much is consumed by a person. Because of its similar appearance to actual wheat, efforts to remove it early in a growing season will surely result in the destruction of good crops by mistaken identity.

    Jesus challenges us to consider a similar situation in relation to the world. We as individuals each represent a sprout growing in a field. We all look more-or-less the same as we progress through our lives and despite our outward appearance there is no telling who God might have plans to save and do good work in.

     Judgment is not left to us, that is a job for God. We must remember that as disciples we do not know what might be a weed and what might be good fruit. A stock of wheat bearing good grain could sprout out of a rock if God wills it to, and amongst a lush patch of crop in a well fertilized area could a pod of poison be found. Let that be a lesson to each and every disciple, that we never know who God is  at work in. The most unlikely, suspicious sprout that has rejected the gospel a thousand times may at its maturity at last surprise the whole world and yield a good fruit to the glory of God and His kingdom, accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and taking refuge under his wing.

     Father God, I trust in your glorious plan for your kingdom. I trust You beyond my human understanding and have faith that You work all things to good. I see that your kingdom is here and that the winds of evil continue to travel through it so that you may demonstrate to your glory the power you have to make anything work to your good. I pray that all who I know and love might see you, Father. That you will make the ones I care about in this life care about you also, so that they may be saved like I have. I pray that you soften my heart to your Holy Spirit so that I do not judge others based on an outward appearance or position in life and assume based on my own bias that you are not at work in them. It is not my job to reap, Father. I ask that you dispatch your Holy Helper from me so that I may sow good seeds and play a role towards your bountiful harvest. It is for the sake of Christ Jesus that I ask it. Amen.