Weekly Devotional

"Be transformed by the renewal of your mind"

Standing On The Rock

2016-10-16 by Sandor Kotzeff

And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. Matt 7: 25

     The world we live in is a funny place. With the advances of science mankind has explored parts of our reality that our ancestors never even knew existed. Humankind has crafted space telescopes that can view as far into the cosmos as light has had time to travel from, and observed tiny molecules at the atomic level. With these new observations of our occupied space, man is eager to document God's absence in all of it, and despite the power of mankind, human suffering remains consistent everywhere.

     Jesus described the one who listened to and followed his word as a wise builder who built his house on bedrock, and when storms blow in, the house will endure the offending force. The bedrock Jesus describes is repentance and obedience to his word.  Trusting that Jesus is who he says he is and recognizing his authority are the master tools required to dig down and ground yourself to his foundation of spiritual strength and endurance. This foundation is the only thing in this universe strong enough to contend with the storms that will in time invade the life of an individual.

     There are many alternatives to bedrock of course. An individual is free to build their theological, philosophical, or ideological beliefs on whatever they choose. But Jesus warns that doing this is like building your house on sand. Storms of affliction take many different forms, and with each one there stands a risk that the house will blow down, and destroy the entire structure of an individual's understanding of their reality, leaving them lost and destitute.

     Have you felt the effects of a spiritual storm lately? It could have appeared in the form of ill health, financial hardship, broken relationships, fear of dying or anything in between. Please know that Jesus knows what awaits you. He sees you, exposed to the elements and vulnerable to attack from forces you have no hope in combatting by your own strength. Let Him guard you, his foundation is unshakeable and He longs to see you take safety in his embrace. Know that the world is full to the brim with man-made lies and great deceptions. They intend to ensnare you and keep you vulnerable to attack. Believe in Jesus. Believe that he is God, who bought you at a price and wants to know and care for you. With him you are safe. With him you are saved.

         Jesus, I am so thankful to have you as my rock. If I were left alone to preserve myself by my own strength, I would have surely given up and died by now. But you are with me. Your grace is loving and perfect. You never have left me behind to perish under the weight of the world, but given me protection whenever I ask you for it. And even before I knew you, you guarded me then, so I might endure to the day I did know you and could seek you out for shelter. I am eternally grateful, Jesus, that you entered the world and offered yourself up to death to pay for my Sin and save me, a single sinful person amongst a hive of other sinful people from God's judgment. As I go forward in life, please keep your Spirit in my heart so that I can know you, worship you and as a result be inspired to proclaim you and do your work. You are the foundation of my life, Jesus, and because of you I stand strong.
Thank you for everything. Amen.