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Learn Throughout the Week

2017-01-06 by Pastor Nate

Last Sunday’s Sermon from Matthew 16:1-12 was on the importance of good biblical teaching and the danger of bad teaching. One of the application points was to “Learn throughout the week” -- the point being that if Sunday is the only day you’re getting spiritually “fed” than you are spiritually malnourished.
I shared that some of the ways I make sure my soul gets fed is by reading my bible daily, reading good Christian books often and making biblical sermons, blogs and podcasts part of my weekly routines.
I thought it might be helpful for me to follow up this application point with a few specific recommendations.

The following BOOKS are accessible (not complicated or heavy theologically... plus written in the last decade or two), practical and have been profoundly helpful to me:

  1. How People Change by Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp
  2. The Story of Everything by Jared Wilson
  3. Don’t Waste your Life by John Piper
  4. Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris
  5. Recovering Redemption by Matt Chandler

The following BLOGGERS regularly write and help me live out my faith practically as well as engage the culture:

  1. The Gospel Coalition -- several pastors writing on a common website (including a few of my favourites Kevin DeYoung, Jared Wilson and Ray Ortlund):
  2. For the Church -- another collection of great pastors writing about things that concern the church:
  3. Doug Wilson -- witty, engaging and thorough:

The following PASTORS preach weekly and I recommend all of them highly:
David Platt:
Kevin DeYoung:
Joe Boot:
Matt Chandler:
John Piper (not preaching weekly anymore, but has decades worth of sermons uploaded):

The following PODCASTS are ones that I regularly listen to:
Apologia Radio:
Reformed Pubcast:

Of course none of these resources replace the regular bible reading you ought to be doing. But one thing that helped me begin to get more out of my bible reading was to read a portion of scripture and then immediately (either while I was getting ready or during my commute) listen to a John Piper sermon on that portion of scripture.
These resources simply supplement your daily time in the word and in my case at least, helped me get more understanding of the word and thus begin to love Jesus more.
Hope that’s helpful.