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A Conference for the Body

2017-04-28 by Pastor Nate

I have been blessed on my journey into the pastoral ministry by having a good friend and trusted counsellor walking with me. Pastor Jude St. John of West London Alliance Church has been, and continues to be, a gospel partner through and through.

One thing we desired to see, even before we both became lead pastors, was a local conference where people in this area would be edified and encouraged by pastors and theologians who could speak to various topics in a helpful and engaging manner. The purpose of this post, at least in part, is to inform you readers that this shared desire has come to fruition as we announce the Corporis Conference.

Here is our description of the Corporis Conference:

*Crossroads Alliance and West London Allian...

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Mission and Social Media

2017-04-10 by Pastor Nate

T-Swift, The Tiger and Twitter?

What do Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise, Tiger Woods and Tom Hanks all have in common? They all have names starting with the letter T? Well yes they do but that is not what I was going to say, but I appreciate that you were paying attention. No what they have in common is..

Drum roll please….

Nothing at all as far as I can tell, except that they all have five hundred times (at least) as many followers on twitter than Theologian John Piper. They all have more than triple the people who see what they say on a daily basis then the combined following of Piper, Douglas Wilson, Al Mohler, Kevin De Younge, Mark Dever and David Platt. If we add a Rick Warren we might get to half of what Tom Cruise has. Think about...

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Notes from Power to Change

2017-03-20 by Pastor Nate

I recently had the privledge to talk to the Christian students at Western University and had alot of requests for my "sermon notes", so I thought I'd post them here so I can link to one place:

GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM – Western P2C – Friday, January 27, 2017
Recap from WW – The North American Evangelical Articulation of the Gospel has become VERY self-centered, individualistic and has lost a key component.
The message of sin, repentance and saving faith found in Jesus is the GLORIOUS middle to a MUCH bigger story. The book of Matthew indicates this by not merely calling “the good news” the “gospel”, but the “gospel of the kingdom.”:
• Matthew 4:23– And he went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gos...

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Learn Throughout the Week

2017-01-06 by Pastor Nate

Last Sunday’s Sermon from Matthew 16:1-12 was on the importance of good biblical teaching and the danger of bad teaching. One of the application points was to “Learn throughout the week” -- the point being that if Sunday is the only day you’re getting spiritually “fed” than you are spiritually malnourished.
I shared that some of the ways I make sure my soul gets fed is by reading my bible daily, reading good Christian books often and making biblical sermons, blogs and podcasts part of my weekly routines.
I thought it might be helpful for me to follow up this application point with a few specific recommendations.

The following BOOKS are accessible (not complicated or heavy theologically... plus written in the last decade or two), pract...

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Jesus' Inheritance and Yours

2016-05-15 by Pastor Nate

March 15th, 2016

Jesus’ Inheritance and Yours

Gary North is the name of an author I read a while back… I liked much of what he had to say but didn’t love the “tone” with which he was saying things. Perhaps it’s a few years of front line ministry, or a stronger conviction for the truths we agree on, but I’ve gone back to mine the gold that is Gary North.

Right now I am reading** Liberating Planet Earth**, which is the first volume in his series Biblical Blueprints, and it has been helping me to see how the bible fits together as a whole and how that grand narrative infuses the way we see the world.

One particular point that has been raising my affections since the moment I read it is the reality that “Christ died in...

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