Helpful resources to supplement the Sunday sermon.

# Footnote Forwarder Original
30 Cost of Discipleship (Jeff Durbin)
29 Defying Tyrants is Obedience to God
28 Tim Keller: God with Us
27 John Piper: Why Christmas?
26 David Platt: How do we Know?
25 Jonah's Self Pity (Joe Boot)
24 Sermon by Joe Boot on Jonah 3
23 Prayers from a Watery Grave (Sermon by Joe Boot)
22 Into the Storm: Sermon on Jonah 1 by Beau Hughes
21 The Worlds Greatest Fish Story by John MacArthur
20 Baptism Debate: RC Sproul and John MacArthur
19 Baptism Debate: RC Sproul and John MacArthur
18 Does it matter whether you hold to a biblical view of gender roles?
17 Sam Allberry: Should a Christian attend a Gay Wedding?
16 Matt Chandler: Homosexuality Q&A part 2
15 Matt Chandler: Homosexuality Q&A
14 Panel Discussion on Complementarian Theology
13 The Kingdom of God
12 Redeemed Rebels part 2
11 Redeemed Rebels part 1
10 God's Sovereignty by Dr. James White
9 Trying on Dying by Mike Wilkins
8 Sermon Jam on God's LOVE
7 God Loves&Hates Sinners (David Platt)
6 Tell How Much the Lord has Done for You (John Piper Sermon)
5 Cost of Following Jesus (David Platt)
4 Jesus' Power over Disease (part 2) - John MacArthur
3 Jesus' Power over Disease (part 1) - John MacArthur
2 Sermon Compilation re: Jesus is King
1 Worship the King (sermon by David Platt)