Helpful resources to supplement the Sunday sermon.

# Footnote Forwarder Original
50 Acts 27 - 10-minute Bible Hour
49 God's Promises Rest on God by John Piper
48 The Gospel and Mission by David Platt
47 Gospel Centrality by Tim Keller
46 The Perils of Pride by CJ Mahaney
45 Acts 25 and Paul avoiding getting killed.
44 The Mysterious Case of Missing Scripture (John MacArthur Article)
43 The Reliability of the New Testament (Dr. James White)
42 Acts 23:11-35 - Wrecked Moral Compass
41 Fight, Flight or Flog? (Acts 22)
40 Beware False Prophets (Jeff Durbin)
39 Acts 20:17-38 - Paul says goodbye
38 Acts 19: Protests
37 Acts 18: Paul vs Apollos?
36 Acts 18: When is it time to move on?
35 Two Friends Fist Fight
34 Is God Sovereign over my Free will? (John Piper)
33 How to CUltivate Gospel Centered COmmunity with Matt Chandler
32 Is Social Justice Just by Dr. Joe Boot
31 David Platt, the Priority of Missions
30 Cost of Discipleship (Jeff Durbin)
29 Defying Tyrants is Obedience to God
28 Tim Keller: God with Us
27 John Piper: Why Christmas?
26 David Platt: How do we Know?
25 Jonah's Self Pity (Joe Boot)
24 Sermon by Joe Boot on Jonah 3
23 Prayers from a Watery Grave (Sermon by Joe Boot)
22 Into the Storm: Sermon on Jonah 1 by Beau Hughes
21 The Worlds Greatest Fish Story by John MacArthur
20 Baptism Debate: RC Sproul and John MacArthur
19 Baptism Debate: RC Sproul and John MacArthur
18 Does it matter whether you hold to a biblical view of gender roles?
17 Sam Allberry: Should a Christian attend a Gay Wedding?
16 Matt Chandler: Homosexuality Q&A part 2
15 Matt Chandler: Homosexuality Q&A
14 Panel Discussion on Complementarian Theology
13 The Kingdom of God
12 Redeemed Rebels part 2
11 Redeemed Rebels part 1
10 God's Sovereignty by Dr. James White
9 Trying on Dying by Mike Wilkins
8 Sermon Jam on God's LOVE
7 God Loves&Hates Sinners (David Platt)
6 Tell How Much the Lord has Done for You (John Piper Sermon)
5 Cost of Following Jesus (David Platt)
4 Jesus' Power over Disease (part 2) - John MacArthur
3 Jesus' Power over Disease (part 1) - John MacArthur
2 Sermon Compilation re: Jesus is King
1 Worship the King (sermon by David Platt)